My code, like most code, tends to contain TODO/FIXME comments for things that I don't want to bother with at the time of writing them. Sometimes, these tend to pile up. A quick method of finding them is git grep:

$ git grep TODO

Today I was looking for "TODO" annotations in an old project and completely missed a couple of FIXMEs due to being too lazy to grep for them. This would have caught them:

$ git grep -e TODO -e FIXME

But that's too much typing. So why not make an alias for it?

    todo = grep -n -e TODO -e FIXME -e XXX -e OPTIMIZE

And then...

$ git todo        # TODO: find best schedule to avoid query limits    # FIXME: remove this method soon

Ok, that was fun. Back to work...


  • On a general note - don't let TODOs and FIXMEs pile up in the first place. If it's easy to fix - fix it. If not, document it or open an issue.

Django Bash completion

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Setting Up

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I decided to set up this blog mainly as an experiment.

I might write some Python and software dev related posts sometime soon.

This blog is powered by Pelican, the posts are written in reStructuredText and it's hosted on Github Pages.

I'm keeping the source repository separate from ...

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